Lab To Label

Contract Manufacturing

Evergreen Innovations offers custom formulations (from high-performance to certified organic) for the following hair, skin care, and bath & body products:

  • Hand washes

  • Lotions and creams

  • Shampoos

  • Conditioners

  • Premium household detergents

  • Salves 

  • Serums

  • Balms

  • Powders

  • Bath salts


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Research & Development

Evergreen Innovations offers you the fastest formulation and on-boarding process in the industry.

  • New formula development

  • Existing formula on-boarding

  • Reverse engineering

  • 5-condition stability testing

  • Microbiological preservative testing

  • Package compatibility testing

  • Scale-up process testing

  • Continuous process improvement



Full-scale production of formulas, from fine mists to luxe masques, scrubs, balms, powders and salts. Flexible filling capabilities.

  • Mixing tanks from 10 gallons up to 1000 gallons

  • Dry compounding (powders and bath salts)

  • Side-sweep and auxiliary prop mixing

  • Jacketed tanks for hot and cold processes

  • Silverson variable-speed homogenizer

  • In-house generated D.I. water

  • 150-gallon ribbon blender

  • Diaphragm pumps for product transfer


Filling Lines

  • Bottles and jars

  • Hot-fill (balms and deodorants)

  • High-speed tube filling

  • Induction sealing

  • Auto torquer and torque meters

  • Lot coding 

  • Auto labeling and creative label application

  • Packaging size range: 0.5 fl. oz. - 35 fl. oz.

  • FDA registered facility


Quality Assurance

We take every step necessary to ensure that our clients’ products exceed all standards of regulatory compliance.

  • Incoming receipt testing

  • In-process testing

  • Finished product testing

  • Root cause analysis

  • Problem prevention

  • Comprehensive in-house quality training


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