Leaders In the Industry

Innovators In Our Field

Hand-selected from the best in our networks, our team hails from the the Personal Care Industry and beyond. With passion, integrity, and mindfulness for each other and the planet, we have created the essential team. Our Evergreen experts are ready to support you and become a natural extension of your brand.


Leadership Team

Java Coleman


Java founded Evergreen Innovations after a career of leading improvement and growth for world-class organizations in the food, pharmaceutical and personal care sectors.

We designed Evergreen to smoothly integrate and harmonize with our brand partners. We know that we have succeeded when our partners tell us that Evergreen feels like their lab, their factory and their team.

Callie Langenhorst

Customer Experience Manager

Callie joined Evergreen after a history of perfecting customer experience from across industries, and she brings her passion for great service and environmental sustainability to the heart of our business.

We see ourselves as a seamless extension of the brands we serve. We genuinely care. Your success brings us purpose, and our drive for continuous improvement makes for a fun, collaborative, and impactful partnership.

Justin Steinke

Director of Research & Development

Justin has been on the cutting edge of innovative formulations for both brands and manufacturers. He left his role leading R&D for JR Watkins to build the industry’s fastest development team at Evergreen.

Innovation often comes down to creating a unique aspect of a product and changing the game to disrupt the market in a client’s given channel. Innovative thinking is a large part of the value we bring to our brand partners.

Monica Carson

Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager

Monica has been leading Quality Assurance for global organizations for over two decades and is driven to build quality into every step of our products and processes.

I spend a lot of time on the production floor making sure that every team-member is empowered to stop the line if they spot a problem; No crooked labels, no scratches or scuffs. If it isn’t perfect, it doesn’t go out the door.

Dick Dufrene

Operations Manager

Dick has had a long career leading operational groups for top companies, and joined Evergreen with a commitment to drive the best On-Time Delivery metric in the industry; so far, he is achieving 100%!

We strive to do things right the first time. We work together as a team to prevent problems from occurring, so that we can safely deliver quality to our customers right on time.