Plan for the Planet

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Local Impact

Commitment to Sustainable Practice

We are doing our part, to ensure the availability and preservation of our natural resources for centuries to come.


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Green Manufacturing & Certification

We feel a massive responsibility to reinvent the personal care manufacturing industry. Our vision is to establish truly green processes from raw material purchase to delivery of your finished goods. We strive to invest back into our community, minimize our earthly footprint, and challenge the brands we work with to do the same.


May 2018

Recycling Initiative

Robust Recycling

A robust Recycling Program was initiated and staff were trained on the how-to’s or recycling products commonly found in manufacturing environments. We also started our in-house re-purposing Program. We find uses for, and give life to items that would normally end up in our landfills! Reusing shelving, office furniture, office supplies, manufacturing equipment, etc.

August 2018


Green & Lean Manufacturing

It starts with the simple things, like being mindful of your resources both short term, and for the long haul. Converting to LED lighting throughout our space saved us $700 a year on our electric bill, and will save us over $19,000 over the next 20 years

March 2019

Renewable Energy

In March 2019 we began using wind energy to power 25% of office energy! We partnered with Excel Energy as part of their Windsource Program. We hope to convert to 100% wind energy by 2020 and we challenge you to make the switch too! Sign up to power your own home or office here.

July 2019

USDA Certified Organic

In July 2019 we received our USDA Organic Certification. We are an Organic Certified Manufacturing facility that can manufacture and help certify your products organic

August 2019

Evergreen Plant-a-Tree Program

We partnered with the Minneapolis Board of Parks and Recreation to help fund a tree planting and care taking program. As we grow, our commitment to our green urban landscape will as well. Join us for Arbor Day 2020 as we volunteer to help plant trees!

September 2019

BeeKind MN Supporting the Polinators

Our commitment to the Pollinators

Evergreen partnered with BeeKind MN this year to help raise awareness, build hives, and educate the Twin Cities community on the impact our local pollinators have our our wild vegetation and crops

Goals for 2020

July 2020

B Corp Status

OUR GOAL: Achieve our status as a Certified B-Corporation, verifying that we see business as a force for good! Proving through certifications that we can balance profit, and purpose. We aim to uphold high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.