Green manufacturing for the future


A lot can be assumed about a company through thought provoking and well-defined marketing strategies.

It’s practically common sense that a great marketing strategy and presence will help to give prospective clients an immediate perspective of the brand's marketed identity, strengths, services, and target audience.

Flashy packaging is part of it, but what we want to start a conversation on, is the quality of the product itself. Would you be able to recognize this company, if you were instead watching and working from within its walls?

So often we hear of disconnects between what is marketed and what is reality. Why is this? What creates the rift in what is being said... to what is actually being done?

At Evergreen Innovations we believe it comes down to the actions and principles we work and live by when no one is watching. From the Personal Care Contract Manufacturing Industry and beyond, these principles are universal and necessary for long-term growth and success.

It's in the way we treat our property and manufacturing equipment. New things stay new, and used things are cleaned up and given a good home.

  • Cleanliness is a virtue and EVERY employee is a janitor.

  • It's designing our departments to work unilaterally, and to collaborate... not commiserate.

  • We give back to the community with quality employment opportunities AND financial contribution.

We believe that Green Manufacturing is the future, and we are implementing sustainable and Earth friendly practices. See more on our 'Plan for the Planet' page.

Most importantly, we keep the safety and the well-being of our employees as #1, doing things the right way, never skipping corners, and having this all add up to on-time delivery and the most pleasant and customer centered business transaction.

At Evergreen Innovations we believe it comes down to the actions and principles we work and live by when no one is watching.

Seeing that we are in the first year of business, we have the opportunity to do things right from the start. Every member of our team bringing a unique set of skills and experience, and an innate sense for doing what's right.

Evergreen Innovations is designing its processes around our core values of Integrity, Responsibility, Transparency and Enterprise Excellence at every level. From prospecting and project management, to quality assurance and on-time delivery.

We achieve these metrics by doing the small things right, day in day out...when no one is watching.

We are truly redefining Personal Care Contract Manufacturing and are proud to call the great and giving city of Minneapolis Home.

We'd love to be your trusted and differentiated partner for your Personal Care Contract Manufacturing needs. Reach out to us today!

Callie Langenhorst

Your Customer Experience Leader @ Evergreen Innovations

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