Expect more from your co-manufacturer


We can’t believe we’re writing our first blog post! The last few months have been incredible to say the least. Evergreen was brought to life in April of 2018, backed by a group of some of the best minds in Operations, we found our home in the Prospect Park neighborhood of tropical Minneapolis, MN. With renovations under way and equipment on order, we’re ready to get down to business and show the world what Evergreen is all about.

Our mission: to help personal care brands to expect more from their co-manufacturer.

We’re gearing up to put our mark on the Personal Care Contract Manufacturing industry, by living and working by the values of Integrity, Glass-Wall Transparency, Innovation, and 100% responsibility, to our employees, the planet, and the brands we serve.

With combined decades of experience, we’ve seen and felt the pain points often brought up to us by different skin care and cosmetics brands.

  • “On-time delivery is a massive problem for us.”

  • “Clear lines of communication are lacking, we never know what’s going on and when. Our questions aren’t being answered.”

  • “We wish there was more transparency in this industry. Many personal care co-manufacturers seem to have a 'closed door' policy.

We’re here to tell you that we have heard your cries. We believe it is time for your team to Expect More from your co-manufacturer. We are here to act as an extension of your brand, to make production an enjoyable experience, not just a necessary one. We want to go above and beyond your current production needs and offer you a partnership with our in-house formulation team, who will introduce you to innovative technologies and ingredients to help you take your brand to the next level. Innovation is literally in our name.

Beyond catering to our ideology of Enterprise Excellence, internally we feel a deep responsibility to empower our employees to each reach their fullest potential. Offering English as a Second Language courses, professional skill work-shops, Comprehensive Wellness programs, and community outreach paid days off. We dedicate our livelihood to making a meaningful contribution in this world—and that is the core driving factor in everything we do. Check out the "Plan for the Planet" page to track our progress on implementing our promises!

We’re bringing sophistication and sustainability to an industry that has seen people and resources as dispensable. Not at Evergreen. Coupled with our commitment to the planet and our resources, we will change the personal care manufacturing industry and promise that our impact will have a ripple effect on other industries as well.

So if you’re reading this, and you vibe with our ‘Conscious Enterprise’ and drive to do things differently, we want to work with you. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get talking!

Team Green

Evergreen Innovations